Floor Cleaning Services Greater Boston

Before anything we post wet floor signs. The signs must indicate which areas are being stripped.

a. Jean Preparing The Surface Before Work is Initiated
The first step in performing a Floor stripping is to dust mop or sweep floor area and remove any foreign debris, i.e. gum, tar etc. We go beyond. Here's Jean preparing the surface before work is initiated.

Jean Preparing The Surface Before Work is Initiated (More Detail).

We only start the floor cleaning once all holes are properly covered.

At this moment I mix proper solution of stripper with the correct amount of cold water in the mop bucket (Cold water and not hot water. Much of the active ingredients in floor strippers will become very active (create a vapor) if mixed with HOT water. We don't want to to weaken the strength of the stripper).

Here I am mopping the diluted stripper over the area. I always allow adequate time for penetration of the stripper. Under normal conditions the diluted stripper should remain on the floor surface for 7 - 10 minutes. Important Note: I don't allow stripper solution to dry on the floor surface.

After a period of proper chemical reaction has passed (approximately 7 - 10 minutes), I begin to agitate the floor surface with a floor machine equipped with a PT-2000 stripping pad. Notice here how I work with a small circular motion moving about the area being stripped.

Here's one more view of this part of the process. We do use a utility pad holder with handle, properly equipped with a black pad. All the area must be agitated, including baseboards (never cut corners!).

All stripper solution is now retrieved with a commercial quality wet vacuum equipped with the proper floor squeegee tool.

After floor has dried, we check check to make sure that ALL the stripper residue has been removed by running our hands across the floor surface. If there is slight residue present on ours hand, we repeat the process until is perfect.